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Hummer = IQ Test

GM's smash hit, the Hummer H2 starts at $48,000, gets less than 11 miles to the gallon, and now has been ranked dead last among cars sold in the US in J. D. Power & Associates' initial quality survey:

To conduct the survey, J. D. Power asked 52,000 people who bought or leased a vehicle if any of 135 potential problems emerged in the first 90 days after delivery...

The auto industry's market research generally ranks fuel economy far down on buyers' priority list, but it seems to have registered after customers bought their vehicles, as the level of fuel consumption complaints doubled.

That did not make for an auspicious debut for the Hummer in the survey, though the brand's new H2 sport utility has certainly sold well. Even though H2 starts just under $50,000, it is the only G.M. vehicle that sells well without huge incentives. But the jaws of some buyers apparently dropped when they filled their 32-gallon gas tanks. They ranked Hummer in last place among 36 brands, reporting 225 problems per 100 Hummers over all, compared with an industry average of 133.

The Hummer H2 is an IQ test. If you buy one, you fail it. It's that simple.


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The H2 really makes me wonder about the economics of car dealerships.

San Rafael (where I live) recently gained a new 'Team Chevrolet' dealership. It's definately in the category of 'mega dealerships', large and shiny.

H2's are inexplicably popular here in Marin - I see at least 2 or 3 each day during my 25 minute drive to work. Most of them must come from the Team Chevrolet dealership since ...

Team Chevrolet's show lot has at least 40-50 H2s of various shades sitting in the lot. When most business try to keep inventory to a minimum how can a car dealership (with plenty of other models on display too) manage to have 2.5 million dollars of inventory sitting idle ?

And are that many people in my community really failing the IQ test - I shudder to think about it.

Oh - and if you think the H2 would make a good off-road vehicle, it wouldn't. It's too large so it actually won't fit up many of the more narrow trails in the mountain areas.

I couldn't agree with you more, I' am glad to hear some one is being straight forward with the problems found with the Hummer H2. There are so many car dealerís willing to sell their souls just to sale you on this particular vehicle and they know dam well that the Hummer H2 drinks gas like a fish in water. I couldnít agree with you more, the verdict is very simple if you brought the Hummer H2 knowing what you know now, you have failed the IQ test!

I have had the 4wd, gas tank, gas pump,wiper fluid line replaced and many other things. it has 34k miles on it and was towed out of a 5 lane intersection, because it died on me....pregnant with a 2 year old. You can't cut it into parking spaces and if you get the one with the tire on the back, it is very tedious and hard to get in to the trunk. Piece of crap truck, would not recommend it to anyone.

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