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DIY Cruise Missile

Via boing boing, a New Zealander's attempt to build a cruise missile for less than US$5,000:

The goal of this project is to create a real, live, flying cruise missile with much of the functionality of the cruise missiles currently employed by the military forces of many western nations.

In bullet-point form, these functions and features are:

  • Satellite-based (GPS) guidance and targeting
  • A form of inertial (or other) backup guidance
  • Jet-powered for high speed, minimum flight-times
  • Low radar signature to reduce detectability
  • Fully autonomous flight capabilities
  • Onboard realitme video
Obviously, given the budget of $5,000 and the fact that all components will be "off the shelf" items, some compromises have to be made:
  • Limited range, but at least 100 miles (160 Kms)
  • Limited payload capacity, but at least 22lbs (10 Kgs)
  • Limited accuracy, but at least +- 100 yards (100m)
In addition to the above points and since the goal of this project is to show that *anyone* could build and deploy their own cruise missile, the following critera have been added:
  • Compact size, small enough to be transported inconspicuously and launched from a regular pickup truck.
  • Built using materials, components and tools that can be purchased without raising the suspicions of authorities.
  • Built using techniques that can be used in any suburban garage without raising suspicion or curiosity of neighbors.
It will be interesting to watch how his project progresses. I'm especially curious to see how he'll launch the missile from a pickup truck (release it from a moving truck at rotation speed?) and where he'll test it without endangering people and yet not splashing down in the ocean (thus losing the craft permanently).


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