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This Isn't Good

A CDC director on SARS:

Dr Julie Gerberding, a director of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), said on Thursday that a massive scientific drive to beat the illness may be too late to prevent a major outbreak across every continent of the world...

In an unprecedented move on Wednesday, the WHO told travellers to postpone non-essential trips to this part of China, or Hong Kong, where there have been hundreds of probable cases and dozens of deaths.

There have been 72 probable cases of Sars in the US so far, but Dr Gerberding fears that the worst could yet be to come.

In the New England Journal of Medicine, she wrote: "A very sobering question remains -- are we fast enough?

"Can we prevent a global pandemic of Sars?"

"If the virus moves faster than our scientific, communications and control capacities, we could be in for a long, difficult race.

"The stakes are high, and the outcome cannot be predicted."

From BBC News.


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