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Only in America

My 13-year-old daughter and I had an argument recently. She didn't believe that one could buy guns at Wal-Mart. I was ready to drive her to the closest store and walk her into the sporting goods department to prove to her that Wal-Mart does indeed sell firearms when she conceded the argument... though incredulously.

Of course, Wal-Mart sells a wide range of guns, including shotguns. It occurs to me that not only can I buy a shotgun there, but to saw the barrel off, I can buy a hacksaw as well, and an overcoat beneath which to hide my sawed-off shotgun. I can buy them all at the same time, and no one will interfere with my purchase.

Now, what this has to do with the Second Amendment to the US Constitution...

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
...I don't know.


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I buy all of my guns from Walmart. They have the best prices and the largest selection.

Made in America and Every Day Low Prices. How can you go wrong?

I imagine the Canadian equivalent is the ability to go to Canadian Tire and buy a nail gun, nails, and a touque. Or perhaps a hockey stick...
We're not less violent, we're just more poorly equipped.

Even if it's true that Canadians are simply more poorly equipped than their counterparts south of the border, that doesn't change the fact that I'd rather face a mugger with a hockey stick or nail gun than one with a firearm.

"Put that nail gun away. Your brother doesn't threaten people with nail guns. You'll put someone's eye out. We'll lose the house!"

But would you rather face an angry Canadian with a nail gun or an American with a gun?

When a Canadian goes on a violent work related rampage (after spending the afternoon in the bar), he is more likely to show up at the worksite, bit tipsy, trying to pull the shirts and jackets over his bosses heads in a effort to give them a much needed "Ty Domi'(spelled wrong I'm sure) type pounding.

By the next day he will apologize for being an ass, and invite them all for a beer.

PF, I'd rather face an angry Canadian with a nail gun. An American with a gun doesn't generally feel the need for an excuse to start shooting things.

Gabriel, I guess I'm lucky and never witnessed a violent work-related rampage during the time that I worked in Canada (Vancouver, to be precise). Of course, if beating someone up is the Canadian version of going postal, then again, Canada sounds pretty good. When Americans go postal, you don't want to be around.

Well, it's true: Canada is the land of concealed hostility. When we're really angry, we go home and report all the things we _didn't_ say (but thought) during the day. But I can tell you that our imagined rampages are bloody and horrific! :)

I agree with you.

Wal-Marts guns kick ass!!No waiting periods or cool off periods so any nut can walk in and purchase a good ol' .22 or 12 Gauge to "bring to work" during lunch break.Hell, within 20 minutes of saying "uh, I wanna buy a 20 Gauge shotgun" the clerk handed the weapon over to me.Only in America are there such leniant gun laws yet luckily it is much easier to obtain a nail gun.

I like how you can buy a 12 gauge shotgun and some pistol rounds then go right down the aisle and be forced to buy edited music, and one can't forget to go grocery shopping either!

criminals in my country don't buy guns legally. they steal them or buy weapons that are not registered to them. in the cities in the us where gun control is the stricktest the gun crime is still the highest. this is after years of tight gun control in these areas. yet in arizona where citizens are encouraged and allowed to carry firearms, crime commited with firearms are extremely low. could it be that the criminals know that john q public is just as well armed as he/she is? the problem in the u.s. is not the laws or the lack thereof it is the liberal court system that refuses to prosecute offenders.

a prime example of a lack of prosecution is in the case of lee malvo. after taking the lives of innocent people he is given life in prison. his victims don't have the opportunity at an early release from death due to good behaviour. i don't pretend to know how canadians act or believe. my experiences with them have always been positive, however i believe you live in a fantasy world if you think that if you are robbed in canada it will be by a person with a hockey stick or nailgun. wake up to reality my northern neighbors.

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