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My Blogging Style

Trevor Smith, a former co-worker of mine, writes kindly of my blog:

This post on Pseudorandom is an example of Frank Boosman's style of taking rather large texts and quoting from them with commentary. At first I wasn't enjoying the length of the posts, as I think that there are shorter ways to make the points he's trying to make, but then a few weeks ago something clicked and now I'm reading every word. I think I switched from thinking of Pseudorandom as a personal blog to more of a one man online magazine.
Thanks, Trevor!

To answer the unasked question -- why I write blog entries as I do, quoting liberally from sources -- there are two reasons:

  1. I don't want to interrupt the reading experience for visitors. Although I think it's vitally important that bloggers provide references for their writings, I don't want to force my readers to trace through a series of links to be able to follow what I'm saying.
  2. I want my blog entries to be viewable in the future. If, for example, I was to link to a New York Times story without quoting from it, in two weeks' time, that link would break and my blog entry would be incomplete or even incomprehensible. This is something that concerns me about blogs in general: that years from now, as links die, they'll become unreadable. (The classic example would be of the "check this out" or "isn't this amazing" variety, with no other context provided. Once the link dies, the entry is useless.)
So that's why I blog the way I do.

By the way, in an effort to keep down the length of my entries, I try to edit quoted material as heavily as I can while preserving its meaning. I admit I'm not always as successful as I would like. I'll keep working at it.


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Quote on Frank...

The space in the main page is a valuble commodity. I guess it would be better if the longer posts have the first few lines displayed on the main page and has a "More" link to the full post. Recient entries tab halps but it won't get me to click on the link because I haven't started reading the post yet.

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