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More Brutality While We're Distracted

A few days ago, I blogged about Zimbabwe apparently using the world's distraction with Iraq to crack down on dissidents. Now it appears that Cuba is doing the same:

Dozens of government opponents have gone on trial across Cuba in what is being seen as the harshest crackdown on dissent in years.

Hearings began in the cases against at least 78 dissidents accused of working to subvert Fidel Castro's government.

The trials are taking place behind closed doors and supporters of the accused say some face life imprisonment.

The government is releasing little information beyond saying the defendants are charged with plotting against Cuba with the top US representative in Havana, James Cason...

One report said those arrested also included Hector Palacios, an organiser of reform efforts known as the Varela Project.

During three weeks of mass arrests, Cuban officials said that those being held were counter-revolutionaries and mercenaries in the pay of the US Government.

The arrests have been condemned by human rights groups.

Some are accusing Cuba of attempting to stifle all internal opposition while the world is distracted by the war in Iraq.

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