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Just Read This

A female friend of mine who isn't into blogging recently wrote to me:

where are the COOL people's blogs?

is anyone writing about literature, etc, etc...or is everyone writing about technostuff?

I responded with pointers to a variety of blogs not focused on technology (or at least mostly not): the usual suspects (Lisa Rein, Susannah Breslin, Heather Havrilesky, etc.) as well as a few blogs that aren't so well-known (Shaun Benchi, Beth Cherry, etc.). Mission accomplished.

To once and for all answer this question, though, if a non-blogger asks me, "Why blogs," "What are blogs good for," "Are all bloggers geeks," or even "Where are the cool people's blogs," I'll just point them to this blog entry and be done with it.


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Humble as always, Franklin! ;-) Seriously, while I enjoy posting on the family blog (since EVERYONE wants to read about my children), I still find that time spent reading other people's blogs takes away from me living my own life and forming my own opinions based on those life experiences. So, I'm still one of those that is not convinced that blogging is a good use of time. As Trudeau says in his Doonesbury strip, it's a common misconception that people in blogs actually have something to say. Opinions are nice...but for me, action is what it's all about. (But if you want to read about the most wonderful children in the world please check out www.boosman.com/booslog!).

Of course...this is just my opinion.

Isn't Trudeau using a comic strip to voice his opinion that it's a "misconception that people in blogs actually have something to say"? For that matter, how is a blog different from a comic strip? Trudeau has risen to the top of his craft and so is published in hundreds of newspapers. Blogging is simply a way of giving anyone -- not just the Garry Trudeaus of the world -- his or her own printing press, and making it possible for anyone to read what they have to say.

In fact, it's interesting to hear the words "opinions are nice...but for me, action is what it's all about" from someone who has been a voracious reader all her life! To paraphrase Otter in Animal House, you can say what you like about us, but we're not going to sit around and let you bad-mouth the written word. Gentlemen!

I would be very curious to see what the qualifying attributes of a "Cool Person" are. Any medium that allows people to exchange ideas can only benefit the people who are partaking. Creative expression can take many forms. Whether you are sharing your childrens' accomplishments or discussing the latest technological advances, it will have value to someone. I think it takes some courage to put your thoughts out there, so my hat is off to bloggers everywhere.

Tina, it's certainly true that most of the prominent blogs early in the development of blogging were either about politics (like Glenn Reynolds) or technology (like Dave Winer). For anyone not especially interested in either topic, it would have been easy to look around and not find much that was compelling.

But the blogging world is growing up fast. We have war reporter blogs, war participant blogs, family cross-country bicycle trip blogs, rround-the-world travel blogs, dating blogs, you name it...

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