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"You Don't Mess with Gaston Glock"

A Forbes profile of Gaston Glock, the Austrian founder of Glock GmbH, maker of handguns recommended by nine of out ten police officers and rappers alike, begins with this amazing account of an attempt on Glock's life:

He is the man behind the gun. You don't mess with Gaston Glock.

His most trusted associate allegedly tried. Lured into a dimly lit garage in Luxembourg by his colleague Charles Ewert, the Austrian Glock stopped to look at a sports car at Ewert's suggestion. Suddenly, a massive masked man leaped from behind and smashed a rubber mallet into Glock's skull. Ewert fled to the stairwell. "I am a coward," he later told Forbes. With Glock off balance, the attacker landed another crushing blow. "I was fighting for my life," recalls Glock, 73, during a rare interview with the press.

Springing up on legs toned by miles of daily swimming, Glock thrust his enormous fist into his assailant's eye socket. As the would-be assassin staggered, Glock pounded again, knocking out a few of the man's teeth. The bloodied attacker staggered, then collapsed on top of Glock "with his arms outstretched like Jesus Christ," according to John Paul Frising, Luxembourg's deputy attorney general, who brought attempted murder charges against the attacker, the French-born Jacques (Spartacus) Pêcheur, 67.

So despite that Glock was 73 years old and his attacker had the first shot -- two rubber mallet strikes to his skull -- he fought back. Holy crap! This guy doesn't need one of his guns to be a badass!


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Ewert was condemned for 20 years for attempted murder on the 03.12.2003!
The trial for the financial aspects of the case will be held ASAP. Price Waterhouse Coopers has produced an explosiv document about the way money has been missused in and around Unipatent Holding in Luxembourg. Read the story below.

Report: Gaston Glock (Glock Inc.) involved in a attempted murder on
his person and fraudulent tax evasion.

In Austria, back in 1980-85, Mr Gaston Glock launched a series of
sidearms (pistols) whose worldwide fame, thanks to the technology
employed, does not have to be proved. Mr Gaston Glock made his
fortune at the beginning of the nineties when he was already more
than sixty years old. His commercial success is basically due to the
extraordinary results achieved in the USA. Mr Gaston Glock, along
with his family, is the proprietor of the firm Glock Ges. m.b.H in
Austria. He holds direct control of 50% of the group's subsidiaries
and of the other 50% via Unipatent Holding SA, of Luxembourg, this
being for reasons of fiscal abstraction/fraud. Both entities hold 50%
each of Glock Inc. Smyrna (VA). This latter company was created in
1986. Unipatent Holding SA was used by Mr Gaston Glock for forwarding
very considerable sums each year, officially to pay royalties and
other expenses. It should be noted that production costs in Austria
amount to US$ 115-130 and that the inter-company selling price is
around US$ 200 ( The end-user price around 450-500 USD). Since the
margin of US$ 70-85 per unit produced is enormous, the profit is
taxable in its entirety. In fact, and according to the contract, 14%
of the volume produced went into Unipatent Holding and must have been
transferred into Mr Gaston Glock's private accounts. Thus Mr Gaston
Glock has seen his fortune go from nothing to about US$ 100,000,000
in 1998 in the accounts of the Ferrier & Lullin Bank of Luxembourg.
The simple aim of this operation was to abstract from the Austrian
fiscal authorities a significant portion of the profits made by Glock
Ges. m.b.H. It can be estimated that in fifteen years a sum
approaching US$ 50,000,000 has been fiscally laundered and thus that
the State of Austria has been injured. It cannot be ruled out that
the US Dept. of Treasury also considers itself to be injured by
these manipulations. The fact of artificially increasing the import
price of products in the USA can be considered by the American
authorities as a straight deception. Moreover, Mr Gaston Glock and Mr
Charles Ewert have created a whole structure of Off-Shore companies
in other countries in order to abstract other sums from the local tax
departments and especially to protect G.Glock assets against
potential US litigations.
Mr Gaston Glock has bonds of friendship with the party on a political
level and personally with the leader of the FPOe (Mr J. Haider) in
Austria and is commonly recognised to be a main sponsor of that
political right extremist party. Further, Gaston Glock, is
considered by journalists as a supporter of an historical well known
right extremist "german" ideology.
Mr Charles Ewert (Luxembourg). In 1986, a contract was signed between
Mr Gaston Glock and himself for management of the funds and
administration of Unipatent Holding SA and the companies that the
latter controlled and still controls today. When the agreement was
finalised a share certificate for LFr 1,250,000 was handed over to
Mr. Glock. Mr Charles Ewert has since 1990 created a considerable
structure of offshore companies consisting of more than 70 units. At
the same time, whilst acquiring numerous goods and assets abroad, he
keeps a very low profile in Luxembourg so as not to be liable for

The end of July 1999: Mr Gaston Glock was visiting Luxembourg to
discuss various problems centring on suspicions that the funds were
being embezzled by Mr Charles Ewert. He was subjected to an attempt
on his life in the presence of Mr Charles Ewert who fled, leaving Mr
Gaston Glock alone to combat his assailant for more than ten minutes.
The author of this attempt is a french relation of Mr Charles Ewert
and the attempt took place on the latter's own premises, namely the
garage at the address of Mr Charles Ewert at Luxembourg. Luxembourg's
Justice Dept. charged Mr Charles Ewert with instigation and
complicity in murder. Mr Charles Ewert was temporarily set free after
two days of imprisonment for lack of sufficient evidence.
It afterwards turned out that Mr Charles Ewert, without either
informing Mr Gaston Glock nor with his apparent consent, had
increased the capital of Unipatent Holding SA to LFr 25,000,000. Mr
Charles Ewert was thus able to progressively take control of the
Glock group and decide its future. Mr Charles Ewert saw himself
confronted from the moment that Mr Gaston Glock wanted to meet him on
account of suspicions of embezzling funds to the situation where Mr
Gaston Glock was going to ask for detailed explanations regarding the
accounts of Unipatent Holding SA and the probable misappropriation of
funds for personal use or to revoke the trustee contract with Mr
Charles Ewert, which would have had brought into broad daylight the
machinery he had put into place to take control of the Glock group.
November 1999: Mr Charles Ewert was apparently charged following a
criminal complaint brought by the UBS at Luxembourg against two
collaborators for embezzlement. According to Mr Gaston Glock and his
advocates a sum of approximately 30,000,000 US$ had thus been
misappropriated by Mr Charles Ewert in the course of the years.

The actors strategies

Mr Charles Ewert: For at least 10 years Mr Charles Ewert had to at
all costs hide from any third parties and Mr Gaston Glock in
particular the increases in the capital of Unipatent Holding. As Mr
Gaston Glock saw his personal fortune invested partly in Luxembourg
grow over the course of the years he was not unduly worried. Mr
Charles Ewert had to keep a low profile towards the Luxembourg
authorities and Mr Gaston Glock but outside of Luxembourg he acted as
if he was the sole proprietor of 50% of the Glock group and acquired
assets via one of the numerous companies he had set up over the
years. The founding of various companies was, from Mr Charles Ewert's
point of view, judicious in respect of taking control of the Glock
group when the time came and/or when it was ultimately floated on the
stock exchange, upon which he could gain several million US$ at a
During this period Mr Gaston Glock saw himself as the legitimate
proprietor of Unipatent Holding, Mr Charles Ewert being no more to
him than a proxy/man of straw. Therefore it is not surprising that Mr
Gaston Glock had relative trust in Mr Charles Ewert for numerous
years until the start of 1999 and wanted to hide his relationship
with Unipatent Holding from ALL third parties, including the Austrian
and American tax authorities. This even went so far as for him to
prefer to wrongfully accuse third parties in order to protect the
fraudulent system he had set up. This trust was such that Mr Gaston
Glock neither checked nor had the accounts of Unipatent Holding
evaluated for more than ten years, which is manifestly an act of
reprehensible and criminal negligence, all the more so when regular
auditing would have immediately put a stop to the misappropriation of
the US$ 30,000,000 mentioned above.
We also note that the whole of the Ewert group is directed by two or
three persons and that inspection (auditing) is performed by the same
staff, which is a feature of Luxembourg that is incompatible with the
principle of transparency and equity and leaves the door open to all
kinds of abuses. Moreover, Mr Charles Ewert is implicated in various
cases of misappropriation of funds, one of which, at Frankfurt,
involves DM 40,000,000 and concerns a group of companies called
Megatrend. He is also implicated in several cases of fraud and
deception, for which a significant number of charges have been laid.
At the Luxembourg Parquet Mr Charles Ewert is considered a swindler,
a fraud and a dangerous person linked with unsavoury circles (mafia).

URL's of interest:
http://investi.virtualave.net/LE%20RAPPORT%20PANDA.htm (mafia Police
http://www.derstandard.at (search in the " Archiven " under Gaston

Adevit, thanks for the extensive information. Taking this at face value, it's clear that the Forbes article left out quite a bit of detail on Herr Glock...

I have been trying in vain to locate a copy of the original test requirements for the Glock 17 as set forth by the Austrian Army. I was wondering if you could help me out with this?

An email or web address where I may obtain same in English would be more than sufficient.

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