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RSS Feed Philosophy

Having just flown back home from California, I would like to state definitively my opinion that RSS feeds should be unabbreviated. Give your readers everything -- all the text, all the images, all of it. And don't go back just two or three posts, or even a few days' worth -- provide at least a week's worth of your entries. Bandwidth is cheap, except where it's non-existent, like on planes, unless you're on Lufthansa, which doesn't fly to North Carolina last time I checked.

Joi Ito's strategy of providing multiple feeds at different detail levels also works -- just make sure one of them is the whole enchilada.


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Interesting. I came to the exact same conclusion on my flight back to Tokyo. RSS readers are a great way to store blog content for later reading.

So now we just need to convince the world that unabbreviated RSS feeds are the right answer. There has to be a better way than sending e-mail to one blog at a time.

A good start would be if the default Movable Type RSS/RDF templates generated full-length entries. As it stands, unless I missed something, a new Movable Type user who wants this behavior has to go in and do some sleuthing and editing.

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