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"I Guess Those Were Some Important Pizzas"

A story from the Globe and Mail:

When she saw the screen door's shattered glass and heard somebody shouting for help, Marcella McAulay did not pause to think that she was supposed to be working.

The 34-year-old pizza-delivery woman ran into the house in Selkirk, Man., and tried to comfort a man she found curled up in the hallway, clutching his stomach where a blast from a 12-gauge shotgun had torn out his entrails.

When Ms. McAulay returned to the pizza shop three hours later, her boss yelled at her for missing work and fired her on the spot...

A single mother and part-time student, Ms. McAulay has not found work since the shooting the night of Feb. 26.

An owner of Frank's Pizza, Randy Saluk, said Ms. McAulay was fired because she abandoned her pizza-delivery duties.

"She wasn't doing her job, plain and simple," Mr. Saluk said. At the time of the shooting, she was on an unauthorized coffee break, he added.

"When she's not delivering, she's here to aid the cook and help clean and stuff like that."

Selkirk RCMP Sergeant John Joslin said investigators kept Ms. McAulay at the scene of the crime so they could interview her about the shooting.

"I guess those were some important pizzas," he said, chuckling.

The closing quote is classic RCMP-at-its-best -- dry Canadian humor. Excellent!

As for the pizza store owner and the employee, I'm willing to bet that in this case, what goes around will come around.


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