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"Guerillas and Militias with Hotmail?"

From the current issue of National Geographic Adventure magazine:

In January, while on assignment for Adventure, Contributing Editor Robert Young Pelton and two hiking companions were kidnapped by right-wing Colombian paramilitaries in the Darién Gap -- a lawless jungle along the Panama-Colombia border. After ten nervous days, the trio was released unharmed. We spoke with the author of Come Back Alive after he'd done just that...

What kind of precautions did you take?
Before I left home I sent e-mails to the FARC [Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, left-wing guerrillas] and the AUC [United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, right-wing paramilitaries] to tell them that I was going to be walking through the area, that I'd like to meet them, and that I'd like to know whether it was safe. Neither group responded.

Guerrillas and militias with Hotmail?
They've got Web sites, e-mail, sat phones. FARC told me they have an 800 number.

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