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Going Live with Movable Type

At last I'm switching from Blogger to Movable Type. It's a bit intimidating to switch eight months of work -- 334 posts -- to a new content management system. But my patience with Blogger had reached an end. The team at Pyra Labs deserves kudos for their innovation and market-building efforts, but their track record in building reliable software and offering new features to their customers is somewhat less praiseworthy.

What pushed me over the edge? Two things: yet another Blogger system failure last week -- at least five hours, as far as I could tell -- and my desire to have comments enabled before posting my paper on tools for emergent democracy (stay tuned).

If you run into any problems with the blog, please don't hesitate to let me know.


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First comment!

Do I win a prize?

You seem to have done a much better job customizing the layout of MT (so it looks like your old Blogger style) than I've managed to do.

Any particular hints on editing/mangling the stylesheets or templates ?

David, yes, absolutely there's a prize. In fact, I guarantee you've won one of the following prizes:

  1. A Toshiba high-definition TV
  2. An all-expenses-paid vacation at Kona Village
  3. A 2003 Porsche Boxster
  4. Lunch with me, Dutch treat
Be sure to stop by the office to find out which of these valuable prizes you've won.

Andrew, thanks, but I've barely done a thing. I took one of the standard Movable Type style sheets, Gettysburg, and customized it just enough to meet my needs. I wish my CSS skills were much better (and am considering putting in the time to make them so).

In any case, I went through the style sheet and the main index template until I felt like I understood them well enough to cut and paste. I also monkeyed around with a few settings (colors, widths, and so on) until I got them the way I wanted them -- much trial and error there.

Congrats on the move. I also switched to MT about a week ago, from Radio, and have not looked back. Although I didn't actually go through the process of transfering all the old posts... Maybe one day... You are a braver soul than I.

Jimmy, regarding transferring the old posts, it wasn't that bad. The Movable Type instructions tell how to do it. Being on Blogger, I just had to change my Blogger template, change some of the settings, generate a new index file, then FTP that to my MT import folder and import it. It took me one false start to get it right. Not too difficult at all.

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