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Debunking Myths about Iraq

Spinsanity has an excellent article that debunks myths about Iraq:

  • Was Iraq connected to the September 11 attacks?
  • Did a 1998 IAEA report say Iraq was six months from developing a nuclear weapon?
  • Did Iraq try to obtain aluminum tubes to produce fissile material?
  • Did Iraq attempt to purchase uranium from Niger?
  • Was it Iran, rather than Iraq, that used poison gas on Kurdish civilians?
  • Is this a war for oil?
  • Doesn't the war in Afghanistan prove that a war in Iraq will kill thousands of civilians?
  • Is this a "unilateral" war?
  • Did a majority of Americans approve of the present course of action at the time President Bush announced his final decision?
In their typically laudatory fashion, Spinsanity takes on myths propagated by both the left and the right. Well done.


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