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Vancouver Votes Yes

Vancouver has voted in favor of their city's bid to host the 2010 Winter Olympics, by a margin of 64 percent for to 36 percent against. Their only real competition -- because let's face it, Pyeongchang isn't going to win -- thinks this doesn't change anything:

Michael Schuen, spokesman for Salzburg's 2010 bid, said in a phone interview from Austria that the result was "what we expected." "We have a little more than 64 per cent in our polls," he said, referring to a poll released Friday showing 75-per-cent support in Salzburg. "Now it is an open race. It [Vancouver's result] won't change how we approach things."
Anyone who thinks a poll and and an actual plebiscite are directly comparable is mistaken. A plebiscite forces serious discussion and consideration of issues -- going to a polling station, drawing the curtain behind you, and pulling a lever is vastly different from answering a question over the telephone. After all:
A recent Gallup poll claimed South Korea had 97.2 per cent public support for its bid. The same poll also showed that fewer than 70 per cent of respondents knew anything about the bid.
GamesBids will be updating their bid rankings later today -- it will be interesting to see how they think this affects Vancouver's chances.


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