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The Internet and the Situation Room

Wolf Blitzer was just interviewing Michael Bohn, director of the White House situation room during the Reagan era, when this exchange occurred:

Wolf Blitzer: And then what happens after that? After the president is informed, you're sitting there watching CNN, seeing what's going on, what are they doing in the situation room at the White House, which of course is the super-secret command center, the hub of all national security incidents?

Michael Bohn: Well, the super-secret command center, actually, today, depends on cable news and the Internet as their most important sources of information. It's a little different today than it was then.

On the Internet yesterday, I was seeing images and reading about theories minutes before they made it onto CNN. I find it reassuring, somehow, that I have access to the same "important sources of information" as the White House. The idea of a level playing field for information is appealing.


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