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The Beeb on Moblogging

From BBC News, a story on mobile blogging:

People will soon be able to publish their own website via their phones as blogging goes mobile...

Programs like FoneBlog, Manywhere Moblogger and Wapblog allow bloggers to post details about their lives from anywhere, not just from a computer...

FoneBlog by Irish firm NewBay Software lets mobile users update their blogs from their phones in minutes.

Bloggers using FoneBlog simply send text or photos to a prescribed number and their weblog will automatically update.

The system will really come into its own as multimedia messaging and camera phones take off, said Chief Executive of NewBay Software Paddy Holahan...

"In two year's [sic] time every phone user will have a website and be using blogs as their version of the world," he said.

The popularity of blogs was recently acknowledged by search engine Google which bought the technology behind Blogger, the software that powers many of the weblogs around the world.

"Google's buy is a recognition that the news in future will be reported by ordinary people with their own particular bias on stories," said Mr Holahan.

It's good to see moblogging getting recognition like this, but how is it that a person with -- as far as I can tell -- zero visibility in the blogging community is suddenly an expert on this? Also, this smells like a one-interview story. It would have been good for the reporter to talk to more people, especially those recognized as being leading-edge moblogging users and thinkers. Joi Ito would have been a good choice.

Another thought: all online publications need to mirror the Wall Street Journal and provide e-mail addresses for the authors of all stories on their sites. If the BBC is going to have any credibility in writing about blogging, they need to move beyond their one-way-only information publishing model.


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blog.txtsolutions.com have taken this a step further. Here is their press release.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our SMS to blog service. Details of this new service can be found at blog.txtsolutions.com

The service is independent of individual blog hosters and currently allows posts to Blogger, LiveJournal, zBlogger and BBT. The service can cater for multiple blogs, across multiple hosts and allows you to control multiple posters with multiple phone numbers. Both single and multipart SMS messages are allowed and the blogs to which they are to be sent are identified by the use of several keywords. No downloads or installs are required! Just a web browser to configure the service, an SMS enabled phone and a connection to a SMS enabled phone network.

This means that even in some of the worlds most hostile environments, your can still post to your blog. So long as the network you are connected to allows SMS messaging, you can post to your blog. Often it is possible to post SMS even when the signal is too weak for a voice call.

We wanted to keep the service clean and to respect the personal nature of mobile phones, so we did not feel it appropriate to use advertising or to sell on personal information. Consequently a small charge, 10p (UK) or 16c (US) approx, is made for each submission made to a blog. (Please note it costs the same price whether the post is a single SMS or a multipart SMS). (Also note that mobile phone operator carrier fees still apply).

Anyone who signs up (no credit card required) will automatically receive five free credits. Also on sign up you can enter the client ID of the person who referred you. For every referral both parties will receive 10 free credits when the person signing up buys at least 10 of credit. (The free credits will be allocated with 48 hours of the purchase).

We intend to expand to offer multiple services over the coming weeks. MMS posting is currently in the late stages of development, utilising both peer to peer and peer to email methods. A consistent, blog host independent, WAP interface is in the early stages of development. A PDA version is also planned. The intention is that no matter where your blogs are, how you post to them or where from, you will be able to do so in a consistent manner.

Your feedback is important to us, and any suggestions, comments or development requests can be directed to support@txtsolutions.com.

Finally we would thank all those who have helped so much with the field trials. You know who you are and we very much appreciate all your help.

Marketing Director - Paul Taylor (paul.taylor@txtsolutions.com)

Premita House
Brookfield Business Park

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