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Google and Blogger

I'm happy for the folks at Pyra Labs that they've been acquired by Google. I hope it works out well for them financially. But, as a Blogger Pro user, I can't bring myself to get all that excited about it. Why? Because in the eight months I've been using Blogger Pro, Pyra hasn't implemented a single new user-level features -- no comments, no TrackBack, no nothing. Because it's virtually impossible to get support of any kind from Pyra when something goes wrong. And because for the last eight hours, Blogger Pro once again refuses to publish anything to my blog, so I have no idea when this entry will actually appear. (According to the bloggerPro2 discussion group, this has actually been going on for 20 hours.)

If Google were to announce that new features were on the way, that support would be consistently available to paying customers, and that Blogger would be upgraded to become as reliable as Google itself, then I'd start to get excited. As it is, the acquisition hasn't diminished at all my thoughts of switching to Movable Type.


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