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Camera Phone Sales Figures

From Strategy Analytics, impressive camera phone sales figures for 2002:

The latest Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Strategies report, "Vodafone's J-Phone of Japan Leads 18 Million Unit Camera Phone Market," concludes that 18 million embedded-camera phones were sold worldwide in 2002, of which 13 million were sold in Japan.

Neil Mawston, Senior Analyst with the Global Wireless Practice, notes, "9 million camera phones, 7 percent of total sales, were sold worldwide in Q4 2002, leading to a total of 18 million sold worldwide in 2002. 36 percent of camera phone sales were through a Vodafone carrier in 2002, a very impressive performance."

Strategy Analytics is predicting sales of 37 million camera phones in 2003 -- a growth rate of 106 percent.

Via Wireless 3.0.


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