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10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World

Technology Review's "10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World":

  • Wireless sensor networks. "Networks of wireless battery-powered sensors that monitor our environment, our machines, and even us."
  • Injectable tissue engineering. Injecting the body "with specially designed mixtures of polymers, cells, and growth stimulators that solidify and form healthy tissue."
  • Nano solar cells. Using "nanotechnology to produce a photovoltaic material that can be spread like plastic wrap or paint."
  • Mechatronics. The "integration of familiar mechanical systems with new electronic components and intelligent-software control."
  • Grid computing. Protocols giving "home and office machines the ability to reach into cyberspace, find resources wherever they may be, and assemble them on the fly into whatever applications are needed."
  • Molecular imaging. "Shorthand for a number of techniques that let researchers watch genes, proteins, and other molecules at work in the body."
  • Nanoimprint lithography. "Stamping a hard mold into a soft material... [to] imprint features smaller than 10 nanometers across."
  • Software assurance. "Programming tools for making software development... more like an engineering discipline."
  • Glycomics. The "effort to understand and ultimately harness sugars."
  • Quantum cryptography. Transmitting "information in such a way that any effort to eavesdrop will be detectable."
Via KurzweilAI.net.


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