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TiVo at CES

TiVo had a slew of announcements at CES:

As a devoted TiVo owner who nevertheless sees room for improvement, here's the feature set that would make me buy a new TiVo:
  • HDTV support. I don't know when I'll have HDTV, but I want my next DVR to be ready for it.
  • Integrated DVD-R. I want to be able to burn shows onto DVD-Rs for long-term storage. Ideally, I'd like to the ability to instruct my TiVo to notify me when it has a DVD-R's worth of a single show -- e.g., "The episodes of America's Test Kitchen now stored will fill up a DVD. Create a DVD-R with these episodes and then delete them from the hard drive?"
  • Remote Web-based scheduling. Of course.
  • Integrated Ethernet port. I shouldn't have to buy an extra USB add-on to get Ethernet.
  • Media playback. Music, photographs, and videos.
I'm salivating for this. The pieces are coming into place...


how soon for this unit and wil there a fee per month will the hdtv tivo do both ota and sat. if so let me know thank you

I don't have any special information when such a unit will be coming out. You might want to check the TiVo Community Forum for more unofficial information.

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