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"So, Are You For or Against the War in Iraq?"

Before Joi Ito left for Davos last week, we spent some time together on the phone. We had been talking shop for half an hour or so when the following exchange occurred:

Joi: Okay, that takes care of business. So, are you for or against the war in Iraq?

Me: Is that like asking, "Do you still beat your wife?"

This led to another half-hour conversational thread. That discussion wasn't on the record, so I won't reproduce it here. I will say, though, that Joi led me to do a great deal of thinking about the possible war in Iraq. He has been quite open about his opposition to this war, so it's not revealing anything to say that he still holds that position (or at least did a few days ago; seeing Colin Powell speak seems to be influencing his thinking) and is making me consider my position carefully as a result.

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