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New Year's Resolutions (Kinda Sorta)

Today is both the first day of the new year and my fortieth birthday, so it's a fairly momentous day for resolutions, even for someone who doesn't normally make them, like me. How can I resist the opportunity to set personal goals not only for the next year but for what is traditionally considered the second half of my life? I can't, so I'm making a few.

Having said that, I'm not the type to share my resolutions in a public forum like this. There's a quote I saw once and have never been able to track down since, even in the Age of the Internet. It was from a Frenchman from, I believe, the eighteenth century. I think he was a senior advisor to the King of France, or in a similar high-ranking post. I can't for the life of me remember the exact words, but the gist was something like this: talking about an idea can be so much fun that sometimes doing so takes away the drive to actually implement it. For this reason, I won't share my resolutions here -- but I do have some.

For those of you making resolutions, I wish you every success.

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