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"I'm Pulling Out All the Tricks"

Karen Mann is writing an article on blogging for the News & Observer, which I believe may appear in next Wednesday's issue. She interviewed me for it back in December, and then attended the January RTP Bloggers lunch to gather more material. At the lunch, she mentioned that she'd need a photograph for the story and asked who might be interested. Nothing. At last I said, "I'm the least photogenic person at the table, but someone has to do this," and with that, it was done.

Yesterday, Mel Nathanson came to the office to photograph me for the story. I was expecting something simple, but he had in mind a much more artistic portrait. "You're going to be doing some contortions," he said, and he was right.

He asks me to move my face next to the keyboard. I do. "Closer." I move closer. "Closer." I move closer still. "Closer." Now my chin is touching the keys. "Perfect."

My colleague David Easter photographed the session:

When Mel got me into the desired position and began shooting, we had the following exchange:

Mel: Perfect. This is great.

Me: Really?

Mel: Yeah. You're going to look hip and cool.

Me: If you can make me look hip and cool, you're an even better photographer than I thought.

Mel: Well, I'm pulling out all the tricks.

Ah well. In any case, we should be able to see the final results next week.

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