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Blogs = Inconsistency Detection Tools

Dave Winer on Larry Lessig five months ago:

Lessig asks "What have we done about it?" in re technology patents. Here's what we can do and are doing. Develop new ideas and don't patent them. That's the most any developer can do. How about a conservancy for developers who don't take patents. Get people intellectual credit for their creations to balance the proprietary credit they are not demanding. Lessig is so damned irritating. He says "We've not done anything yet." Arrrrgh. Incorrect. He's not done anything yet. Perhaps his friends haven't done anything yet. Does Dr Lessig understand technology any better than Rep Coble?
Dave Winer on Larry Lessig today:
It's like a thing of nature, watch a natural-born blogger find his voice. The Supreme Court will have to stand by you and me someday. The executive branch of the US government will eventually do what China does. A few more loops and we'll be there. All roads lead to that. We will be within our rights, in every way. The First Amendment will protect what we do. The Sonny Bono law will seem like a small thing. Then, we will be very glad to have a highly principled constitutional scholar who hasn't sold out on our side -- and that's you Professor Lessig, in case you haven't figured that out yet.
Five months ago, Lessig was "so damned irritating," hadn't "done anything yet," and perhaps didn't "understand technology any better than [Representative Howard] Coble." Now he's a "natural-born blogger" and a "highly principled constitutional scholar." Hmph.

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