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Weblogs in Meatspace

Dave Winer wants to start a conference for bloggers:

A weblog conference, for bloggers, about weblogs, itself a weblog, for learning, exploring, promoting and developing ideas about technology for the humanities...

Weblogs in Meatspace...

Everyone who attends or speaks must have a weblog. No exceptions. So if Jimmy Carter wants to come and tell us what it's like to win the Nobel Peace Prize, he must first tell us on the Web. Same for George W Bush, Steve Jobs or Jack Valenti. But the conference has "normal" sessions, howtos for bloggers, panels for big issues, keynotes from megabloggers, and A-teamers. Awards. A technology track for developers. Perhaps even a session for people with products they want to promote through our blogs (a chance to pick up some cool new toys for free).

The conference would be cheap. Bloggers don't have much money. No sponsorship, at least not in year one. Sponsorship always influences what's said and done. In general, the goal is to mirror the Web in meatspace. The vast majority of weblogs are unsponsored. People disagree about this, but I'm a hardass. No sponsorship means no subsidies. So it's gotta be a no frills show, and that's okay, because it's the ideas and energy I want. I don't care if you have a lot of money.

Anyway, I would love to go to this conference. Lots more ideas. I'm going to talk some more with Scoble. Maybe start a mail list. Let's see what happens.

Doc Searls picks up on the idea here. I hope this happens. I'd love to attend.

When blogging has become a pervasive part of our culture, attending a conference on blogging may hold about as much appeal as attending a conference on typewriters -- but right now it's one of the most invigorating conferences I can imagine. When 500 million people are blogging five years from now, attending a conference on blogging may seem about as much fun as spending a weekend in Las Vegas without a hotel room -- but right now some of the most interesting people in the world are blogging.

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