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The Blog of Anne Frank

From a discussion on Joi Ito's blog:

A comic strip about "What is a blog?" [ Blogging about Blogging ] by Joichi Ito at November 18, 2002 08:01 PM

We've been debating in Japanese about what a blog is and whether it is any different from diary sites or other web pages. I've had quite a difficult time defending the position that blogs are really anything special. Here is a funny comic strip of a discussion between a grumpy girl and a questioning ant on that topic.

Seen first on for the sake of clarity.


Comment from jun makihara on November 21, 2002 09:33 PM
I guess if blogger had gotten its act together 60 years earlier, you could have had "The Blog of Anne Frank". Doesn't have the same feeling does it?


Comment from Frank Boosman on December 14, 2002 10:38 PM
Jun, you're right that The Blog of Anne Frank doesn't have the same feeling as The Diary of Anne Frank. But on the other hand, if Anne Frank had been posting to a blog instead of to a diary, perhaps it would have put pressure on the Allies to end the war faster, or put pressure on the Nazis to avoid mistreating the Jews -- or maybe just to avoid mistreating Anne.

We haven't yet begun to appreciate the ways in which blogging will change the world. As publishing-as-event falls, publishing-as-process rises. What will we lose in this change? What will we gain?


Most of you say you've red the book of anne frank but,you have no idea what its really about.Anne frank was a very questionable girl .She was tipical like us .Almost the same problems with relationships.Or family problems.Most of you think that she was a hokes.But what you dont really want to no is that she was a real girl.With real fealings.A real heart.Sure she was stubbern at times but who wasnt.All im saying is there are alot of storys of anne frank.Some were bad and lots were good.But just no she went through something no one should of had to.She sufferd in a consintration camp,and died.Even though she is no more liveing.The good of anne frank will always be around.Beleve it or not!

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