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Peanuts Tarot

Via boing boing, the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck recreated using Peanuts characters. Brilliant!

From the creator's essay, "Why a Peanuts tarot?" (emphasis mine):

Who is Snoopy? Why, in a world of neurotic children, can he effortlessly become a beloved pet, a canine writer and art collector, baseball player, "Joe Cool", WWI flying ace, lover, dancer, vulture, legionnaire? What purpose does it serve, other than to make his owner, Charlie Brown, seem that much less of a winner by comparison with his own dog?

One answer: Snoopy, in the world of the Peanuts characters, fills the role that is a familiar one in other mythologies: the trixter, the fool, the joker. Only he is given the magic to step into new worlds at will; he is introduced as the lowliest of society's creatures, yet he seems to wield any power he might imagine. If Peanuts shares any of the structure of other world mythologies, then Snoopy is the trixter god...unpredictable, always in disguise, seemingly harmless yet secretly bearing the power that created all the universe. In the case of the Peanuts, of course, imagination is that very power.

"Snoopy is the trixter god... seemingly harmless yet secretly bearing the power that created the universe." I love this!

It would be great to have a real set of these. Of course, given the state of copyright these days, we'll be lucky just to see this site stay up a week.


is it possible to get this anymore? i know how strict they are w/ the copyright, but...

Sadly, it would appear not. See my later blog entry here.

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