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Jean-Louis Gassée

I'm traveling in California this week -- my flight left just as the snow and ice storm began in North Carolina yesterday. Today I had the pleasure of catching up with some former colleagues from Be, including the most quotable CEO in the history of high-tech, Jean-Louis Gassée:

Heard from JLG at one point, prefacing a comment:

I don't know how not to use a sexual metaphor.
Of course, he didn't disappoint. Heard later in the conversation, in a discussion of whether there's such a thing as bad press:
Me: At one of Guy Kawasaki's conferences, I heard a Merc reporter claim that there are only two kinds of press so bad that you can't recover from them: child molestation and cannabalism.

JLG: Molestation, no, that's bad. But cannabalism? Hmm... it depends on who you eat.

Definitely one of the fringe benefits of working at Be. Ah, the good old days!

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