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Isn't It Ironic?

OpinionJournal has the following note in today's edition of Best of the Web Today:

A Poor Choice of Words--III In Oslo to accept his Nobel Peace Prize, Jimmy Carter seemed to blame Israel for all the Middle East's problems. "One of the key factors that . . . arouses intense feelings of animosity in the world is the festering problem in the Holy Land, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the inability of Israel to live in peace with its neighbors," Reuters quotes him as saying.

Now, this could have been an actual poor choice of words. After all, strictly speaking it's true that Israel is unable to live in peace with most of its neighbors--but only because those neighbors refuse to make peace with Israel. In his acceptance speech, however, Carter seemed to take another dig at the Jewish state: "Today there are at least eight nuclear powers on earth, and three of them are threatening to their neighbours in areas of great international tension."

It seems likely that India and Pakistan are two of the countries that "are threatening to their neighbors." Here's a list of the remaining six nucelar powers: America, Russia, China, Britain, France and Israel. Guess which one of them Carter had in mind?

Is it also possible that former President Carter was referring to North Korea, a state that is certainly "threatening to [its] neighbors," and a state that -- if it has nuclear weapons -- has them thanks in part to an appeasement agreement he himself negotiated? Now that would be ironic.

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