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Googlism uses the Google engine to search for phrases written about people. Being just as self-centered as the next person, I first tried my own name. Interestingly, though searching on "Frank Boosman" in Google turned up 13 pages of hits, Googlism turned up nothing on me. Hmmm. The obvious next step was to search on a friend likely to turn up. Joi Ito came to mind; entering his name returned the following:

Googlism for: joi ito

joi ito is a poster child for the it revolution in japan
joi ito is on the weblog bandwagon
joi ito is right when he says
joi ito is on the weblog bandwagon with a new site
joi ito is addicted to blogging

Leaving aside the one incomplete item, the rest are accurate. I presume Googlism is doing something like searching for the phrase "Joi Ito is", but it doesn't seem quite that simple; doing that search myself on Google turns up more phrases than are listed here.

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