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Five Types of Blogs I'd Like to See

Back in July, I wrote about five people whom I'd like to see blogging. This entry is different. I'm writing now about types of blogs I'd like to see. I think the world needs more blogs by people who don't write about blogging but rather write about what they do every day -- online journals by people not so entranced with the process and future of blogging that they write about that (as so many of us do, including me at this moment).

Perhaps these blogs exist but I have yet to find them. If so, I'd like to know about them.

  • Aid worker. What is it like to be an aid worker in a difficult place? What is daily life like in an aid facility in, say, Afghanistan? What are the daily challenges and daily triumphs of workers in such places? I can't be the only person who would like to read about this.
  • Doctor. This would be especially interesting if it was from a trauma physician -- think E. R.-the-blog. If I read one regularly, perhaps I'd finally understand the meaning of the term "pulsox."
  • Police officer. I've always respected police officers for how they perform a tough job dealing mostly with people who want to have nothing to do with them. It must be difficult to do a job in which so few of the people you encounter don't appreciate you.
  • Political aide. I thought about writing politician here, but the chances of a politician being both truthful and interesting in a blog -- even anonymously -- seem so remote that I chose political aide instead. I've always followed the maxim that laws are like sausage -- you don't want to see how they're made -- but my curiousity has the best of me.
  • Teacher. Having dated in the past a high school teacher from an inner-city school, I have some idea of how challenging it is to teach in such schools and how interesting it can be to do so. Teaching can be infuriating, rewarding, depressing, uplifting, collegial, and political, all in the same day. A teacher blog could make for a great read.
It would be fine if these blogs were anonymous -- in fact, if anonymity would make them more honest, then so much the better.


yeah i was curious about Pulsox too... it actually stands for Pulse Oximeter...


check it out! :)

With so much pressure from the public about confidentiality it's sometimes hard to imagine a truly honest blog of a teacher. Kids are so smart these days and with all of the fear of lawsuits, firing, etc....I think it will be a long time before you see a blog dedicated to day to day thingsin teaching. And if that day comes...SIGN ME UP :)

What about an anonymous teacher's blog?

Here is a teacher blog:

Good News

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