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Xbox Live Selling Out

Via PlanetXbox:

Xbox Live is popular; it appears to be the understatement of the century today as Microsoft has officially announced that over 150,000 Xbox Live Starter Kits have sold during its first week of availability. The service, which is the first broadband service to surpass 100,000 subscribers, has serviced over 200,000 gamers due to its multiple players on one account feature since release...

Due to the strong sales of the Starter Kits, Microsoft continued to announce that all retail outlets have sold out, but that new shipments are on the way and will continue to ship throughout the holiday season. Moreover, Microsoft stated that Xbox Live-enabled game sales shot up 120 percent during the week, with Xbox hardware sales jumping 18 percent week-over-week.

I've felt for some time now that Xbox Live would do well. Broadband multiplayer gaming is one thing; broadband multiplayer gaming on a $200 console with real-time voice chat and no game installation hassles is quite another.

Is Microsoft actually creating a 1.0 version of a product that's worth using?

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