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More on Seahawks Stadium

A few weeks ago, I posted a picture of Seahawks Stadium in an entry in my extended family blog from my trip to Seattle. A friend of mine from Seattle, Kathryn Baker -- actually, she's a hero of mine, though she won't know that until she reads this, and I'm sure she'll be terribly embarrassed by it -- wrote to me to say this:

I was at Seahawks Stadium on Opening Day -- saw the game (very, very sad) and the awesome fireworks. The stadium can't hold a candle to Safeco Field in terms of a great all-around stadium, but it is fairly nice. One very bad thing -- if you get the cheaper seats (by that I mean the $30.00 ones) you end up in the last rows waaaay up at the top of the stands and under the roof. This is fine if it's raining, but truly sucks as far as sound goes. That roof creates a huge echo chamber and the sound of the fans increases by about 100 and drowns out any commentary that comes out over the loudspeakers. Plus you are very far from the field so the view isn't that great.

The best seats are the cheapest ones, which are the bleachers at the end zone. But that leaves you uncovered in the event of bad weather. If you're going to go, spring for the good seats closer to the field so you can actually see the game.

Another beef I have with that stadium -- they boasted about all the monitors all over the stadium so that you never miss a play. There are monitors at all the bars and food stands, but they have commercials and menus on them -- at least they did on Opening Day. Maybe that's changed or they got the linkup so that the game is broadcast on them now, but when I was there, all I got to see were some terrible commercials and the overpriced menu displayed over and over again.

Plus, they messed up my order at the food stand...

Thanks, Kathryn!

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