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It's About Time [Islam] Grew Up

The deputy governor of an Islamic state in Nigeria has issued a fatwa against a journalist there for her story on the Miss World pageant:

"Just like the blasphemous Indian writer Salman Rushdie, the blood of Isioma Daniel can be shed," Zamfara Deputy Governor Mahamoud Shinkafi told a gathering of Muslim groups in the state capital, Gusau, on Monday.
The fashionable thing seems to be to blame the writer instead of the violent rioters who killed 200 people:
Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo... told CNN that "irresponsible journalism" in Nigeria was responsible for the violence.

"What happened in Nigeria obviously could have happened at any time that such sensitive and irresponsible remarks are made, at a time like this -- particularly at a time like this, in Nigeria," he said...

[The] chairman of the Miss World competition vigorously denied the beauty pageant had caused the riots.

Julia Morley said the contest had been used as a "political football" and blamed the Nigerian journalist, who wrote the Muhammad article, for inflaming the situation...

At a news conference, Morley said: "It was not a mistake to hold it in Nigeria. What was a mistake was a journalist making a remark he shouldn't have made.

So what was it that Daniel said that supposedly led the Nigerians to the rioting and, finally, the fatwa?

The demonstrations came in apparent response to a Nov. 16 ThisDay article about the Miss World contest, which began earlier this month and was to conclude on Dec. 7 in Abuja, Nigeria's capital. The article, written by Isioma Daniel, a style reporter who has since resigned, questioned the sincerity of Muslim groups who had attacked the pageant as indecent.

"The Muslims thought it was immoral to bring 92 women to Nigeria and ask them to revel in vanity," the piece said. "What would Muhammad think? In all honesty, he would probably have chosen a wife from one of them."

That's it. That Muhammad "probably would have chosen a wife" from among the Miss World contestants. I'm not a particular fan of beauty pageants, but my impression is that the contestants are often intelligent, well-educated, talented, and, yes, beautiful. I can't see what is so inflammatory about the statement. Further, even if the statement is inflammatory, what gives any individual the right to impose a death sentence on the person who wrote it?

As a reader on Plastic wrote:

Islam is one of the world's largest religions, it's about time it grew up and stopped trying to kill people who disagree with it.
Well said.

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