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In Charleston

I'm spending the weekend in Charleston with two of the coolest people in the world, Eve and Jon Blossom:

After brunch with friends, Eve and I spent the afternoon talking over coffee and cheesecake. If you had been at the cafe while we were ordering, this is what you would have heard:

Frank: I need caffeine and sugar. Did I mention that I need sugar?

Eve: Okay, coffee, and what should we have for dessert? I don't know what's good here.

Frank: How about the cheesecake?

Eve: Right. How can it be bad? It's cheesecake.

Afterwards, Eve and I walked a few blocks to watch Jon taking a class on stone carving sponsored by SoBA, the School of Building Arts, where Eve is VP of Development:

First interactive toys, then computer-controlled tiki music boxes, and now stone carving... I'm now suffering from a case of making-tangible-things envy after being around Jon. There has to be something I can make...

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