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Heard Last Night

A conversation between the cashier at the Quizno's Subs in Los Alamos, New Mexico and me as I was paying for my sandwich last night:

Cashier: You probably get this all the time, but you look just like a celebrity.

Me: Really? Which one?

Cashier: He's an actor. He always plays villains. Tim something. Tim Murray?

Me: I don't know him.

Cashier: Have you seen Muppet Treasure Island?

Me: Oh, Tim Curry.

Cashier: Right. But you must have heard that a hundred times.

Me: No, never before.

Cashier: Really?

Me: No, but a friend of mine used to say that I looked like the love child of Richard Branson and Eric Clapton.

Cashier: I don't think I want to know how that could happen.

Me: Sure, but you have to admit, if it did, it would be big news.

Tim Curry? That's the nicest thing anyone said to me all day.

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