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Haven't We Heard This Before II

Via KurzweilAI.net, a story in Computerworld on DARPA's call for cognitive systems for the military:

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is accepting research proposals to create the first system that actually knows what it's doing.

The "cognitive system" DARPA envisions would reason in a variety of ways, learn from experience and adapt to surprises. It would be aware of its behavior and explain itself. It would be able to anticipate different scenarios and predict and plan for novel futures.

"It's all moving toward this grand vision of not putting people in harm's way," says Raymond Kurzweil, an artificial intelligence guru and CEO of Kurzweil Technologies Inc. in Wellesley Hills, Mass. "If you want autonomous weapons, it's helpful for them to be intelligent."

Haven't we heard this before?

                TERMINATOR         In three years Cyberdyne will become the largest         supplier of military computer systems. All         stealth bombers are upgraded with Cyberdyne         computers, becoming fully unmanned, Afterward,         they fly with a perfect operational record.

        (getting behind John)
        Uh huh, great. Then those fat f***s in
        Washington figure, what the hell, let a computer
        run the whole show, right?

        (starting the engine, backing
        The Skynet funding bill is passed. The system
        goes on-line August 4th, 1997. Human decisions
        are removed from strategic defense. Skynet
        begins to learn, at a geometric rate. It becomes
        self-aware at 2:14 a.m. eastern time, August 29.
        In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

        And Skynet fights back.

I have a bad feeling about this...

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