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The Orange SPV

From infoSync, a review by Editor-in-chief Jørgen Sundgot of the first phone based on Microsoft's Smartphone 2002 (time's running out, gang) platform, the Orange SPV:

When Microsoft first announced its Smartphone 2002 platform -- back then codenamed Stinger, I must admit that although I was not among the people that giggled by the mere thought of Windows on phones, visions of crashing phones was the first thing to pop up in my head (I power-use Pocket PCs and know how often I must reset them). Thankfully, after spending a week with the SPV from UK based carrier Orange, I've found that Microsoft has done a good job of adapting to the world of mobile phones: not an excellent one, but a good one.
The review concludes with the following:
The Orange SPV is a device that relies on raw power to perform its tasks, and it's very feature-rich. Its interoperability with Windows, Outlook and Exchange is unparalleled, and Microsoft has done a good job of adapting the user interface to one-handed use. Despite its positive aspects, however, the result seems unpolished as a number of glitches -- some minor, some major -- are evident even after a relatively short period of testing. We'd recommend buying the Orange SPV -- if you want a versatile phone, and don't mind the occasional glitch.
  • What's positive: Easy to navigate, great display, raw power, feature-rich
  • What's negative: Performance drops, poor voice quality, unreliable GPRS connectivity, disconnect on standby
Interestingly, in a separate editorial, Jørgen says that while his "gut feeling" is that "smartphones will be big," he himself isn't planning on using one anytime soon:
My question numero uno, though, is whether I see myself using a smartphone, a connected handheld or a combination of a mobile phone and a non-connected handheld comunicating by means of Blueooth or another wireless standard to keep me connected when I'm out and about. I'm struggling to choose, since each solution has its advantages, and since I'd like to have just one primary device to carry with me all the time. Believe me, keeping one device in sync is hard enough, two is frickin' difficult and three is close to impossible. For the time being, I've decided that a smartphone just isn't for me. I need to be able to process data and not just access it while I'm out of the office, and even though the Nokia 7650 and Orange SPV have all the capabilities I need their input solutions hampers them too much to be of any real use.
I think I've come to the same conclusion: that what I want is not necessarily a smartphone, but rather a good solid phone with GPRS or CDMA 1xRTT and Bluetooth. This will save me the pain of synchronizing yet another device, and will allow me to choose the PDA that best meets my needs.

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