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Portable Replay

I somehow missed this news from the Intel Developer Forum last month:

SONICblue Incorporated (Nasdaq: SBLU) and Intel Corporation today announced that they are working together to develop the ReplayTV Portable Video Player (PVP), a new product that will allow people to enjoy digital entertainment on the go.

The product, currently in development, combines the performance and low power consumption of Intel XScale technology-based processors with SONICblue's Emmy award-winning ReplayTV platform. The pocket-sized device will allows users to watch time-shifted television programs transferred from their SONICblue ReplayTV, as well as play video, audio and photos transferred from a PC...

SONICblue's PVP will house a large capacity hard drive and support multiple audio and video formats, including native ReplayTV files, so recorded television content can be transferred directly from ReplayTV set-top boxes for portable enjoyment. The SONICblue ReplayTV PVP will also connect to a PC so that users can transfer and play personal, MP3 and other commercially available multimedia content from their PC. The high-performance and low power consumption of the Intel XScale technology-based processors will enable users to enjoy high-quality video for several hours without recharging the battery.

Thanks to Richard Boyd for the tip.

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