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Idea for the Day I

Combine Epinions and Match.com to create a dating service with user reviews.

Think about how much more useful than today's dating services this would be. For the honest personal ad poster, it would be a boon, because while writing a personal ad about oneself that sounds neither too boastful nor too modest can be difficult, it's easy to say great things about someone else. For the personal ad reader, it would be even more of a boon, because one could compare the ad and the corresponding "reviews" in an instant. Of course, reviews wouldn't be good for the dishonest ad posters, so then they would migrate to other online dating services, quickly giving the review-based service the reputation as the place where honest people go for online dating.

I predict that Match.com, lavalife, or a similar major dating service will offer this as a feature within six months.


Keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes WaltDe

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