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More Rendezvous Progress

At Apple Expo in Paris Tuesday, Apple announced new licensees of Rendezvous (written about here and here). From the Reuters story:

Jobs announced a number of new partners for its Rendevous protocol, which enables electronics products to discover each other automatically over a network and set up a connection.

He said printer makers Canon from Japan and Xerox from the U.S. had joined Epson, Lexmark and Hewlett-Packard in embracing Rendezvous.

"Every major printer maker has now adopted Rendezvous," he said, adding that the first printers will hit the shelves early next year.

Apple currently gives away Rendezvous to electronics makers, and Jobs said Apple was considering making it officially "open standard," meaning the code will be freely available without royalty payments.

Philips Electronics from the Netherlands, Europe's largest consumer electronics maker, also agreed to include Rendezvous in its future products, Apple and Philips announced.

"Wouldn't it be cool to listen to the songs stored on your iPod (Apple's portable player) over your Philips hi-fi set in your home," said Jobs. Other applications envisaged by Philips and Apple are the ability to view on a TV screen digital pictures stored on an Apple computer.

It looks as if Apple is pulling it off again -- setting yet another industry standard. Rendezvous can't arrive soon enough.

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