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Stand Back! I Have Something That Resembles a Knife!

I'm at Dallas/Fort Worth airport this morning, between flights on a trip out to Seattle. Before heading to the Admirals Club to catch up on e-mail, I stopped by McDonald's to grab something quick to eat.

Now, in the age of airport security, I understand that plastic tableware is the rule in terminals... and McDonald's would use plastic in any case. But with my meal, I was given a plastic knife that not only lacked a sharp edge (as I would expect), but that lacked serrations as well. In other words, it was a piece of plastic molded to resemble a knife. Never having tried to use such an implement before, I can now authoritatively report that a "knife" that is neither sharp nor serrated doesn't actually cut anything per se.

If this is a security thing, I'd like to officially declare the whole security thing out of control.

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