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NetStumbler 0.3.30

Marius Milner announced NetStumbler 0.3.30 in a message to the [unwired] list. New features include:

  • Allow configuration of baud rate and other settings for GPS.
  • Added "Default SSID" filter to tree view.
  • Close connection to NIC when scanning is not happening.
  • Moved much of the configuration to a dialog box.
  • Support for user-provided scripts to be invoked when various events occur.
  • Many errors are reported in a more meaningful way.
  • Workaround for problem with driver version 7.62.
  • GPS now supports Garmin proprietary protocols.
  • MIDI output of signal strength(s).
  • Proper installation package (thank you Nullsoft).
  • Use NDIS 5.1 native 802.11 features for scanning on Cisco and some Prism cards on Windows XP.
  • Support for 802.11a on Windows XP.
  • Support for USB devices on 98/Me.


How accurate is the GPS software included in NetStumbler.

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