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How to Use Wireless as a Marketing Tool 101

This is how to use the wireless Internet to boost your retail business.

According to an article on MacCentral:

Lori Hawkins writes [in the Austin American-Statesman] that Austin-area Schlotzsky's Deli sandwich shops now offer free wireless Internet access, in some cases, up to miles away...

Austin-area Schlotzsky's Delis already offer Internet access via PCs and iMacs. While it isn't unique for coffee shops and other eateries in areas with high concentrations of technically minded users -- like Austin -- to offer wireless Internet access for their patrons, most businesses keep the service as local to their establishment as possible as a way of enticing customers. Schlotzsky's is bumping that concept up a notch by installing four-foot antennas on the roofs of its Austin-area establishments that will enable users to access the Internet up to a mile -- in some cases, the company hopes, up to four miles away.

Users of Schlotzsky's wireless network are greeted with a Schlotzsky's Web site home page when they first fire up their Web browsers, but it's free to use, according to Hawkins. The service is Wi-Fi compatible...

An extension of Schlotzsky's "Cool Cloud" free Internet access, the company hopes to expand the free service from ten Austin locations to more than 600 stores nationwide. Schlotzsky's CEO John Wooley told Hawkins that his company hopes to eventually offer the service to schools, libraries and community centers as well.

So you're free to use their 802.11 network if you're in range; you just see their home page when you first access the Web from your browser. Smart. Now let's hope more establishments catch on.

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