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Blue Planet

I've been watching Blue Planet, and simply put, it's the best nature documentary I've ever seen. It's an eight-part BBC documentary series on life in the ocean. All the footage is original, shot on high-definition cameras over five years, at a total cost of $10 million, and it shows. The photographers captured unprecedented images: from in-the-water footage of blue whales to a polar bear diving into the water after a beluga whale... from dolphins making bubble walls to corral prey to a pod of orcas attacking a grey whale calf. The narration is by David Attenborough (who else?) and the series is set to a beautiful score. It's absolutely spectacular.

Amazon doesn't yet have the four-pack of DVDs, but you can order the series as two two-packs:

The Blue Planet - Seas of Life 2 Pack (Parts 1 & 2) DVD
The Blue Planet - Seas of Life 2 Pack (Parts 3 & 4) DVD

For just under $60, you get eight 50-minute episodes, eight making-of featurettes, and some extra bonus materials. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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