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A Taste of the Great White North

While visiting and then living in Canada, though I generally bemoaned the smaller selection of the grocery stores there, I nevertheless came to love a variety of food products that are difficult or impossible to find in the US:

Coffee Crisp candy bars...

Maple Shreddies breakfast cereal...

And all-dressed potato chips...

Now it's all available on the Web, at Canadian Favourites (found via boing boing):

The premier site for Canadians worldwide who are craving a taste of home. Shop safely online from the widest available selection of Canadian food products including Tim Horton's Coffee, Nestlé Chocolate, E.D. Smith Jams, Red Rose Tea, Humpty Dumpty Chips and so many more we know you'll be happy to see.
Oddly enough, none of the Canadians I knew while there went in for all-dressed chips, but someone is buying them. Now it can be me once again! Woo-hoo!

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