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WIC 2002

The Wireless Industry Congress 2002 is going to be held in Ottawa 26-27 August:

WIC2002 will provide coverage for all areas of wireless communications, including wireless mobility, wireless LAN/MAN/PAN, ad hoc networks, broadband fixed access, and satellite hybrid systems. The topics presented will cover software, chipsets, board & network equipment, applications, services, spectrum, network plans, business, financing, mergers and acquisitions.
I'll be attending as the chairperson of panel C5, "From Cell Phones to Smart Phones and Personal Connected Devices," to be held 09:00-10:20, 27 August. This is the synopsis for my panel:
The last year has seen the launch of wireless devices with advanced functionality -- combining elements of cell phones, personal organizers, and even the PC -- from Handspring, Kyocera, Nokia, Samsung, and other firms. New devices expected soon from these vendors and others - including Audiovox, Sendo, and Sony Ericsson -- will further advance our view of what a mobile wireless device can do. What exactly are smart phones and personal connected devices? How has the market accepted such devices to date? What are their future prospects? What new features and functionality can we expect from them? This panel will answer these questions and more.
When my panel members and presentation are finalized, I'll post information on them here. In the meantime, if you have thoughts on this topic, don't hesitate to contact me.

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