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Top Five Blogs I'd Like to See

Now that I'm hooked on blogging, I find myself wishing that interesting people I know would themselves keep blogs. Perhaps if I list them here, it will in some small way nudge them towards doing so:

  • Eve Blossom. Eve and I have been friends for 15 years now, and she has a wonderful ability to connect to people of all ages and cultures. Eve is probably the most widely-traveled person I know, and she and her husband Jon aren't letting marriage slow them down -- in fact, they spent their recent honeymoon in Paris, Bhutan, and Southeast Asia. Eve, if you start a blog, we want pictures!
  • Richard Boyd. Richard is CEO of AirEight, the company of which I'm a co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. He's not on this list because he's the CEO, or because we've been friends for a decade now, but because he has such good stories to tell and is so good at telling them. Richard is one of those people to whom amazing things happen on a reasonably regular basis.
  • Reid Hoffman. Reid is EVP Business Development of PayPal (soon to be part of the growing empire that is eBay). Imagine someone incredibly smart, with a master plan for life, and whose mind is always running as if he's just finished a Venti No-Foam Triple-Shot Latte. Reid is one of those people who could sit in an empty, windowless room and still have an interesting blog.
  • Joi Ito. Oh, wait. Joi already has a blog. Whew.
  • Alex Osadzinski. Former VP Sales & Marketing at Be, then at Vitria, now at Trinity Ventures. One of the best people for whom I've ever worked. Smart, funny, and always a pleasure to be around, even at the most difficult of times. Besides, I'm across the continent and so am less likely to become the target of one of his practical jokes (again). (Hint: If Alex offers to teach you how to play blackjack in Las Vegas, caution is in order.)
To the people listed above, if you're reading this, at least think about starting up blogs. The world needs more blogs by smart people with interesting things to say.

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