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Nokia 7650 Review

Jørgen Sundgot of infoSync has posted a review of the 7650, Nokia's new phone with a color screen, integrated camera, slide-out keypad, and Bluetooth. The 7650 is based on Symbian OS, incorporates J2ME, and runs Nokia's Series 60 interface. As you'd expect from Jørgen, it's as detailed and thorough an article as you're likely to find.

Sadly, the 7650 isn't the killer device I had hoped it would be. Here are some of the problems I would have with it:

  • WAP browsing only -- no HTML browser built-in
  • Extremely slow synchronization
  • Only SMS/MMS messages can trigger audio or vibration alerts
  • No auto-checking of POP3 accounts (manual only)
  • Phone module can't be switched off independently (no in-flight usage)
  • No support for Bluetooth headsets
Granted, the 7650 has some commendable features, most notably the fact that Nokia has included such extensive functionality in such a small and well-integrated package. However, until the problems noted above are fixed -- especially the first four -- the 7650 will remain, for me, intriguing but fatally flawed.

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