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Mobile Game Projections

Two new forecasts of the mobile gaming market are out today:

  • Datamonitor
    • 157 wireless gamers today, rising to 500 million in 2006
    • $17.5 billion wireless gaming market in 2006
  • Frost & Sullivan
    • $436.4 million wireless gaming market in 2001, rising to $9.34 billion in 2008
Add these to other recent forecasts:
  • Analysys
    • 2.7 billion euro wireless entertainment market in Europe for 2002, rising to 23 billion euros for 2007
  • BWCS
    • 200 million mobile gamers in 2007
    • $104 million mobile gaming market in 2002, rising to $7.76 billion in 2007
Note the variance even in the analysts' forecasts of the market today. BWCS says it was only $104 million last year. Frost & Sullivan says it's $436.4 million this year. Analysys says the European market alone is 2.7 billion euros this year. Is this due to differering definitions of mobile gaming, or are the current estimates really that far apart?

Is mobile gaming a "zero billion dollar industry," as (I believe) John Sculley once referred to the PDA market?

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